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A Jackson Rockstar XS for Christmas!

I’m so excited, Santa brought a Jackson Rockstar XS. I know I already have a lot of boats, but it was time. I’ve long outgrown my Fun and even my Shooting Star.

My Jackson Rockstar XS – Christmas 2017

Our Family – Christmas 2017
Santa True
I’ve been generally obsessed with kayaking the past few months, so that’s likely how Santa (aka my parents) knew what to get me. For Friday Enrichment glass blowing this fall, I made a kayak and a paddle while all my friends made cute animals! If you want to blow glass in Truckee, here’s the place to go Glass Blowing in Truckee

The idea came to me right after I kayaked Chili bar for my first time. Chili bar is a class 3 stretch on the American River. I went with my dad and his friend Jeff – there aren’t really any other kids my age to go with unfortunately. See how my glass blown kayak matches my real one 🙂

Chile Bar Put in November 2017