About us

We love the river.

Adam Anderson raised his family family on the river.  His son Brice started guiding rafts at age 15 and has worked every season since.  When the opportunity came up to take over CLW Brice jumped on it.  Brice and Adam couldn’t be happier to be showing people the wonderful resource of the South Fork of the American River.

We love everything about the river.

As rafting guides, we love the fun times and the hard work. Gathering friends, planning trips, organizing gear, preparing meals, setting up camp, cleaning coolers, loading boats, navigating whitewater, overcoming adversity, refining skills, learning history, admiring scenery, observing wildlife, braving weather, telling stories, playing games, forming connections, deepening relationships, and slowing all the way down . . . to river time.

At Coloma Lotus Whitewater we love to enable families and friends to create those experiences for themselves. The South Fork American River is the perfect place to do just that.

Our Team