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Earlier this year, I was a flag bearer for the World Cup. It was my first time applying for something myself. I learned that you need to do a good job on the essays.

So, when it came time to apply to be a Student Ambassador for Rivers for Change, it was easier for me. Here’s my essay.

On the river, I am home. I have been going on river trips since I was a baby. I have spent more days than I can count on the South Fork of the American River. And have swum almost every rapid! In the summer, my family takes me and my brother on a month long rafting road trip to places like the Lower Klamath and the Lower Salmon. I love it so much that I never want to leave. A few years ago, we even did a very long trip that connected the Middle Fork of the Salmon, the Main Salmon, and the Lower Salmon. I have been down the river on oar boats, catarafts, paddle boats, inflatable kayaks, hard shell kayaks, and paddle boards. I got my first hard shell kayak when I was 4 years old. I learned to roll in the pool when I was 7. But, I’m still working on my river roll! I have taken Junior Guides Rafting Camp, as well as kayaking classes in Coloma. I have also completed an adult Swift Water Rescue course.
            I love running the river, but I love camping along the river just as much. I like finding edible plants that I have learned about in my Native American studies class. I also like identifying animals, fish, birds, snakes and bugs (except for spiders) that are in my waterproof nature guide book. I have seen a bear, an island with thousands of tiny frogs, bald eagles, river otters, ducks, and lots of fish. I learned how to fly fish a few years ago, but I always catch and release.
I want to go on this trip to learn more about the Truckee River and then teach it to kids in my school. I want to do this so that kids know what is happening to their environment and together we can help fix some of the problems. I also want to spend time with other kids that feel the same way that I do about the river.