Creekside Creators


Fall was fun at Creekside Charter School this year . . .

I love art projects. Here is a plant cell model I made out of soap and clay for a school project. And a mandala I doodled while in class (last year my principal suggested I start doodling, instead of talking, in class!).

Plant Cell Model made of soap and clay – 7th Grade Project
Mandala in ink – doodling during 7th Grade!

For Halloween, we went with a Sesame Street theme. I was Oscar the Grouch. Next year, we should dress Ollie up too!

Anabelle, Mia, Lylah, me, and Ollie at the Creekside Parade October 31, 2018
I went to my first school dance recently – there were a few last year, but I was always too busy kayaking to go.

Ocean, me, Mia, Alicia, Alex Middle School Dance Fall 2018

Also, as part of Enrichment Fridays we climbed the new Via Ferrata up Tram Wall. So cool! Tahoe Via Ferrata

Via Ferrata. Photo from the website.

My 7th Grade class started off the year with a father-daughter backpacking trip. There was a lot of smoke from wild fires all over California, so we stayed local and backpacked here in Tahoe. The trip was perfect.

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL . . . I love going to school. Mostly, to see my friends. I don’t go to school as often as I use to when I went to a private french school in Berkeley, EB. My current school, Creekside, is an Independent Study Charter School at the base of Squaw Valley ski resort. Most of the students go to school part time and ski full time. I also kayak a lot. My family lives across the creek from school, so I walk across it with my brother. Ollie, our Newfoundland puppy, comes with us sometimes too.