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Two years ago, we hit the reset button. Our kids think that it’s because I watched too many TED Talks. Like Hackschooling or Raising Successful Kids Without Over-Parenting.

But really, those TED talks simply validated the nagging feeling I’d had ever since the kids were born. The feeling that childhood had changed since we grew up in the ’70s. And not in a good way.

So, we decided to make changes ourselves. We moved, changed jobs, enrolled at an independent study charter school, and joined ski team full time.

Two years later, however, I still struggle to let go of a “checklisted childhood.” A blue print to ensure that my kids will be successful. But at least now the checklist has evolved . . .

  • Spend time outside, especially in weather. Ski if it’s a powder day. Kayak if the rivers are flowing.
  • Create from scratch. Garden, cook, bake, build and make.
  • Learn the art of selling. Work, volunteer, fundraise and donate to charity. 
  • Embrace minimalism. Consume mostly stories: read and listen to audio books.
  • Give academic work your best effort. Go to school, when you have time.

I can see that with these changes my kids are becoming themselves. Who they were meant to be. Not who I wanted them to be.

This blog, written by my daughter, is about pursuing passions.

Annual family Cherry Creek photo
Lower Salmon River. August 2015