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I just got back from Chilliwack, Canada! I was in Canada to learn how to slalom kayak. Slalom kayaking is when you have a long, fast, and narrow boat and you are trying to make it through all the gates without touching or hitting them. Here’s some basic information on Running a Slalom Race. It’s actually an Olympic Sport.

The second day in Canada there was the Mamquam Race. I loved competing and got first place! I also did the boater-cross race, which was fun.

The rest of the week I trained at a camp with Chilliwack Centre of Excellence. My coach was Brendan Curson. He was one of the best coaches I’ve ever had. The kids that train there are really good kayakers and super nice. My parents said that it’s run by a non-profit, so it is very affordable.

This trip made me a much better kayaker and was very fun. And I came home with my very own slalom kayak!

Mamquam Race
1st Place!
Training with Brendan and Chilliwack Centre of Excellence

My very own slalom kayak!