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Kayaking the Grand Canyon was awesome!

My parents got a permit for the Grand Canyon! Last time my parents went they didn’t take us, they thought we were too young. But this time, they decided 11 years old and 8 years old was old enough. My teenage cousin, Athan, came with us too. I got the impression that people thought my parents were a bit nuts to take us, but we loved every minute. I kayaked, paddle boarded, rafted, and occasionally swam. My brother had some big swims too – each time he managed to hold onto his lollipop though (my brother loves lollipops). We had some hard days with crazy winds and sandstorms, some illnesses and injuries, but it all worked out. For people who wonder whether they should take their kids, I would say, absolutely! My parents have the experience to lead these types of trips, but if you don’t you can go on a commercial trip. Kids (and their parents) learn team work, perseverance, adaptability, and how to get along. As well as learning about nature and history and developing real skills like river reading, knot tying, cooking, setting up camp, anticipating weather, map skills and other logistics. You also get really good at card games, board games, and sing-a-longs.

My favorite part of the trip was running Lava . . . 
Chloe in Lava Falls April 2018

Scouting Lava Falls April 2018
I’m lucky that I go to an independent study school, so I can go on adventures like this anytime as long as I do projects while I’m there. Here’s the presentation I created about geology.  Chloe’s Grand Canyon Presentation on Geology