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New Kayaking Skills . . .

Since we didn’t go on our usual rafting trip to the Lower Slalom in Idaho, my parents took us to Coloma instead. We kayaked, saw friends, met new kids who kayak, and played board games. I even took kayak lessons with Dan Crandall at Current Adventures. He’s the best roll teacher ever. Anyone can learn from him. The best part of the trip for me is when I got my combat roll at Old Scary!

Dan teaching Alex to roll

I also recently tried Slalom Kayaking for the first time. It combines two things I love: slalom racing and kayaking! I never knew this sport existed.

I went to the Moke Races and the Feather Fest with Sue Norman. My mom came too, but she had a hard time making the gates in her inflatable kayak. I just hope that more kids join this fun sport with me.

Moke Races 2017: My First Slalom Race