Creekside Creators


So, this year, I got to join my Ecole Bilingue friends for a week at Camp Ravencliff. I was tired and jet-lagged since I had just gotten home from France, but I loved it! Camp Ravencliff was on the banks of the Eel River. My cabin had no electricity, lots of spiders, and 7 fun girls! The swimming hole at the river was very refreshing and fun. There was a lot of activities to choose from. I played canoe dodge ball, went creeking, and swam. There is a camp fire every night where we put on skits and tell jokes.

Sophie, Cahyani, Clarissa, Mia, Sebastien, Kael, and me

I also went ro Kennedy Meadows Horse Camp! We rode and took care of horses and went on a wilderness packing trip. It is just down the road from my cousins’ cabin on Sonora Pass, so I got to hang out with them too. My dad also took us to Bodie.

Anabelle, Lylah, me, and Mia