Can’t believe it’s really done . . .

Wow, I am really done with Middle School. It’s strange to be finished with school all of a sudden. Our socially distanced graduation included zoom speeches and a drive-in. Afterward, we had a few families stop by for champagne in our driveway and some girls stayed for a hammock sleepover in the back yard. Here […]

Interesting Times – Kayaking during a Pandemic

Spring 2020 was supposed to be all about traveling: March in France at a slalom camp, May in Ottawa / Montreal for Canadian Team Trials, early June in Oregon for US Rafting Nationals. And then back to California just in time to graduate from Middle School (8th grade). But, midway through training camp in France, […]

2019: A Kayaking Retrospective

2019 was another amazing year of kayaking. Attending an Independent Study school at the base of Squaw Valley has been an awesome experience, especially for middle school. I spent 6th, 7th and now 8th grade excelling at school, skiing what has seemed like endless powder days, and traveling to kayak. I have loved Creekside Charter School and […]

Summer in France

For my entire life, I have spent the first half of the summer with my great-grandmother in France. She’s 96 years old and still lives on her own. We stay at her small apartment at the Mediterranean and my little brother, Alex, and I spend our days at the beach and sailing. This summer my […]

Trip Report: San Marcos and OKC

I flew to Dallas and met up with Mark Taylor from Waterweks Kayak Club – a youth kayak club in Alberta. He was taking a group of teen boys on an epic road trip to find warm water in Texas. I think they drove for 36 hours, of which I joined them for 15 or so. Sounds […]

The Futaleufu was amazing

I just got back from the Futaleufu. We went there to visit friends who own Bio Bio Expeditions. Wow, their camp is amazing. Their trips aren’t intended to be kid trips, but since the owners have kids and the neighbors have kids, there was a group of us hanging out in camp. We played cards and […]

2018: A Kayaking Retrospective

Much of 2018 for me was about kayaking. I of course skied, and did school work, and hung out with friends, and played with my dog, and spent time in France – as I always do. But mostly, I kayaked. I love everything about kayaking. I love whitewater. I love nature. I love meeting new […]

World Record Skiing Glow Stick Parade!

New Years is always great in our neighborhood. My dad puts on a skiing glow stick parade at Squaw on New Years Eve and our neighbors host a New Years Day hang out party. This Year we set a new world record for skiing glow stick parade. We had almost 3,000 skiers! Skiing in the […]

Learning to Surf in Mexico

My parents were apprehensive about letting me go with Dana to his house in Mexico for a surf trip. Why? Because it’s Insana Dana. But he has kids now too and, in any event, his wife Sarah would be there. My trip to Mexico was incredible. Their house is off the grid and very rustic, […]

Fall at School

Fall was fun at Creekside Charter School this year . . . I love art projects. Here is a plant cell model I made out of soap and clay for a school project. And a mandala I doodled while in class (last year my principal suggested I start doodling, instead of talking, in class!). Plant Cell […]