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Trip Report: San Marcos and OKC

I flew to Dallas and met up with Mark Taylor from Waterweks Kayak Club – a youth kayak club in Alberta. He was taking a group of teen boys on an epic road trip to find warm water in Texas. I think they drove for 36 hours, of which I joined them for 15 or so. Sounds crazy, but we had a blast. It helps that the Alberta team has a great van! I was fortunate to get included although I only knew them through a former coach, Brendan Curson. We jelled immediately. We stayed with Ben Kvanli, who has a house on the river and played at Rio Vista Whitewater Park. We also drove to Oklahoma to bring slalom boats to Canadian athletes who were there for Team Trials, but the weather was terrible and no one got to boat that day.  I can’t wait to meet up with these kayakers for another trip soon!


So much fun!


We paddled with Ben from his house to the whitewater park!


Somehow I got the bed for this trip!


This van has gone on some serious road trips!