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The Rogue River was Awesome

For our family rafting trip this year, we went to the Wild and Scenic Rogue River. It was awesome. It is a multi-day wilderness trip. No idea how my parents got permits at the last minute — we were supposed to go to the Lower Klamath but fires closed that river.

We were a really big group, with lots of kids. And some fun adults without kids, like Canella, Kurt, and Cliff! And a dog. There was a natural water slide, a wilderness lodge with ice cream, wild blackberries, and we had a talent show. And best of all, I kayaked as much of the trip as my parents let me. I even kayaked my first Class IV rapid, Blossom Bar (and swam at the bottom). Since we were having so much fun and didn’t want it to end, the kayaking kids stayed after the trip was over and we kayaked Hellgate Canyon.

Blackberries in camp


Kayak kids: me, Athan, Quinn, Jayce 

Post-trip ice cream at Galice Resort