Learning to Surf in Mexico

My parents were apprehensive about letting me go with Dana to his house in Mexico for a surf trip. Why? Because it’s Insana Dana. But he has kids now too and, in any event, his wife Sarah would be there. My trip to Mexico was incredible. Their house is off the grid and very rustic, […]

Fall at School

Fall was fun at Creekside Charter School this year . . . I love art projects. Here is a plant cell model I made out of soap and clay for a school project. And a mandala I doodled while in class (last year my principal suggested I start doodling, instead of talking, in class!). Plant Cell […]

Keeners is so fun

This summer, once I turned 12, I was finally old enough to go to Keeners. I’ve been wanting to go forever. Everything about Keeners is awesome – the river, the kids, the coaches. Here are a few photos and blog posts. Blog Post about the GatineauBlog Post about Swift Water RescueBlog Post about Ultimate Frisbee

O Canada!

Montreal and Ottawa are such great cities to visit. My mom grew up in Montreal, but unfortunately she wasn’t able to come with us. So, she created the perfect itinerary instead. We of course visited her childhood home, her school, where she and my grandpa went to college. But, we did some tourist stuff too. […]

Kids Adventure Games at Squaw!

This year I got to stay in Squaw for Kids Adventure Games. I’m usually in France already, but this year my parents let me stay for it. You can read more about it here and plan to participate yourself next year! My friend Cahyani from Berkeley came up to be my teammate. I also took her kayaking […]

Truckee River in the Spring

After a whirlwind winter and spring of kayaking in amazing places – from the man made river in Oklahoma to the natural beauty of the Grand Canyon – happy to be in the water here at home. Love the Truckee River in the spring with friends.

Kayaking the Grand Canyon was awesome!

My parents got a permit for the Grand Canyon! Last time my parents went they didn’t take us, they thought we were too young. But this time, they decided 11 years old and 8 years old was old enough. My teenage cousin, Athan, came with us too. I got the impression that people thought my […]

Oklahoma Kayak Center!

I just spent 3 weeks at OKC. OKC is the land of lego block rivers, conveyor belt shuttles, and fiberglass boats. It’s very different then what I am used to. I went there to train Slalom with Brendan Curson and Chilliwack Centre of Excellence. Mike Holroyd from Alberta Slalom Canoe Kayak brought his team too. They came […]

A River’s Last Chance and Truckee StS

Last night, Laurel and I gave a presentation about the Truckee River Source to Sea expedition as the opening to a documentary movie premier. The movie, A River’s Last Chance, talks about the challenges that have faced the Eel River watershed over the past 100 years. Some similar issues face all of our rivers in […]

A Jackson Rockstar XS for Christmas!

I’m so excited, Santa brought a Jackson Rockstar XS. I know I already have a lot of boats, but it was time. I’ve long outgrown my Fun and even my Shooting Star. My Jackson Rockstar XS – Christmas 2017 Our Family – Christmas 2017 Santa True I’ve been generally obsessed with kayaking the past few […]